We at Flex3Drive are focused on providing unique products that you wont find anywhere else. Products that we have developed and innovated and iterated countless times. Products that are extensively tested and constantly being assessed for improvements and refinement, and such is our commitment to the products and support we offer, and to you our supporters and customers, we will continue to improve and iterate and refine our innovations into mature and reliable products.

A long time ago Jason (of mutley3d infamy) happened upon an idea for an improvement to 3D printers. It turned out he wasnt the only individual that had the idea, however by that time he had developed the first working Flex3Drive with some components he had laying about the workshop. So impressive were the intial results, that a mission began. No one had done it before, nor since and so Jason is in effect the pioneer of this small innovation.

Using the experience gleaned from an extensive career in the automotive sector working with high performance vehicles including motorsport, and then further experience working in the design of automotive safety systems for HGV’s after gaining a BSc Hons degree in CAE, Jason began the task of transforming the extruder component of 3D printers.

As development of the first designs continued and more awareness grew of the issues (and benefits) surrounding what is effectively the “business end” of the 3d printer he understood how important this development work was. No matter how well the machine is built, the extruder would be the component that seemed to be behind the rest of the fast moving technology. They were heavy, and produced a relatively low resolution of control when compared to the capabilities of the rest of the machine in terms of movement resolution.

Today now exists an extensive range of Flex3Drive extruders, for different machines. It is a range that keeps growing, with improvements and refinements being made all the time.

This development work on extruders also presented a natural diversion into research on print bed materials. many dozens of materials were tested. Supposedly same specification materials from different manufacturers were found to perform differently. These were not the same materials it turned out. “Oils aint oils” to coin a phrase. This research came upon a material that was a stand out performer, and so work began with the manufacturer to make it even better, and the process by which the material is produced was tweaked. PrintBite is the result.

All of this in an effort to modify his Mendelmax 1.5 so it could print nicely. Why oh why? The combined paths of the mission resulted in the MendelFlex 3D printer. A machine that performs like no other in its class. The only common element with the original machine was the extruded aluminium from which the frame was constructed.

Mutley3D has now tranformed into Flex3Drive Ltd. A company focused and dedicated to “helping makers make better”. Grown from nothing and based on merit and hard work alone, the company can now present a range of products, and start its expansion in order to fulfil its mission every day of helping others tread the same path for themselves, creating their own innovations that in turn will help others whilst supporting themselves.

From prosthetics for humans and animals, through to novel printer technologies, through to butter slicers and ring pull openers and the next best cookie cutter. Maybe someone out there is developing that real hoverboard from back to the future. Whatever your missions and objectives, always follow your dreams and desires. There is however one piece of advice we offer here at Flex3Drive. Your darkest hour will come before the dawn, so never give up and if there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel….do yourselves a favour and make sure it isnt a train coming the other way 🙂 Have fun and stay positive. You Will Win!