This page is under active construction!! Will be updated frequently as more files and information added. The Flex3Drive G5 and supporting files are now available for download. Some of the available downloads include STP file assemblies. The STLs will have been run through Netfab to clean them up ready for printing. The Flex3Drive G5 is designed so that is can be effectively printed by the printerist with either FDM or SLA machines, meaning you only need a hardware kit, thus significantly reducing costs to you by design, whilst plastics including SLS printed parts are offered in the shop should you require them. The main extruder files are provided in two variants, one each for SLA and FDM printing processes. The sections below are grouped as follows:

  • Main G5 files – Main print files for the G5
  • Common files (required on each install) – ancillary parts required for each install
  • Installation files – machine specific printable files



These are the main printable files for the Flex3Drive G5. Base Top Cap and Tension Arms. SLA and FDM versions are provided. FDM Print Settings: Layer height – 0.16mm or less Nozzle Diameter – 0.4mm Material – ABS recommended however any material can be used.

Flex3Drive G5 FDM version STL files

G5 Extruder v0.99 FDM STL files

Flex3Drive G5 SLA version STL files

G5 Extruder v0.99 SLA STL files

Installation Parts

All installation files can be printed with any layer height settings apart from where supports are used, in which case those parts should be printed with reduced layer heights. Check the toolpath in your slicer to ensure there is a single layer between any support structure and the actual part.

Common Parts

Common parts required for each installation are below. These include the motor mount, motor cap, and flex shaft coupler.

Motor Cap STL file – bolts to the E axis motor to support the flex-shaft outer sleeve.

Flex shaft to motor shaft coupler – Attaches flex-shaft to extruder motor shaft.

Coupler v3 large.stl

Simple Motor mount clamp – Simple clamp style motor mount to fit onto printer frame extrusion.

Motor Mount clamp style.stl

SMART Effector

These are the Flex3Drive files for the SMART effector from DUET3D. Files include the main mounting adaptor that the G5 mounts onto, and the cooling parts that sit under the effector.

SMART-Mount using inserts.stl

G5 SMART Mount-inserts.stl

SMART Mount using M2.5 nuts

G5 SMART Mount-nuts.stl

SMART Shroud-E3D

SMART Fan Shroud.stl

Fan Ducts

Fan Duct.stl

CR10/Ender 3

There are a couple of options available for the CR10/Ender3 style printers based on the hotend being used. This includes the original hotend, E3D v6 and Cyclops/Chimera.

CR10 Original Hotend

G5 CR10 MicroSwiss STL Files

G5 CR10 MicroSwiss STP files


CR10/Ender3 E3D v6

G5 CR10 E3D STL Files

G5 CR10 E3D STP Files


CR10/Ender3 Cyclops

G5 CR10 Cyclops/Chimera STL Files

G5 CR10 Cyclops/Chimera STP files


Prusa MK2/2.5

A10M Dual

A10M Dual G5 Adaptor Mount


A10M Dual Motor Mount


Kossel Mini

Kossel Mini G5 End Effector

Kossel XL


CoreXY G5 Carriage Assembly STP Files

CoreXY G5 Carriage Assembly STL Files


RailCore G5 Simple Mount


RailCore G5 E3D Mount

RailCore G5 Mosquito Mount


Mega Prusa

Mega Prusa X carriage mount



D-Bot 1.75mm STLs


Tevo-BW G5 Cyclops 18mm version

Tevo-BW G5 Cyclops 20mm version


Ultimaker Original

Ultimaker Original 3.00mm

Ultimaker 2

Ultimaker 2 1.75mm

Ultimaker 2 3.00mm


License Creative Commons License Flex3Drive by Jason Perkes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.