The MendelFlex 3D printer is a performance machine engineered from the ground up to give unrivalled performance in its class. Can be supplied as a kit or as a fully built and tested machine. The videos below showcase the performance potential of the machine.

The MendelFlex was borne through need of a machine that could be used as an effective and reliable test bench for development of the Flex3Drive extruders. This means a machine that was capable of 300mms+ speeds with 3-5k accels. Flex3Drive is designed to be a powerful extruder, and so the MendelFlex had to match its performance.

Design is not compromised by trying to minimise part count or assembly effort. This is not a fast build! MendelFlex is a solid robust assembly right from the get-go. All extrusions are bolted together, and the machine is then constructed around this frame.

MendelFlex provides a good platform upon which to enter 3D printing, or as a second cost effective performance machine. If you want to print without having to constantly upgrade or repair your machine, then the MendelFlex is worth careful consideration.

Owners of a MendelMax 1.5 can also upgrade their machine to a MendelFlex specification just by downloading and printing the parts, and adding a few bearings and fasteners from the bill of materials. Whilst the MendelFlex is designed around the Flex3Drive, any other extruder or bowden setup can be utilised.

Main Features

  • Rigid extrusion based frame
  • 220x220x200mm build volume (upgradeable to 245x250mm) with replacement glass
  • Hexagon Hotend with Flex3Drive as standard (0.4mm nozzle)
  • 0.9 degree steppers on X and Y axis for superior print quality
  • 50 micron layer resolution (or lower if you have the time)
  • 10×2 Trapezoidal Z axis lead screws
  • Floating X/Z interface to eliminate banding
  • PrintBite print surface as standard
  • High quality Arduino and RAMPs controller (RRD)
  • Print all materials including high temperature exotics (upto 300c)
  • Very simple bed levelling process (stays flat and levelled due to rigidity of machine)
  • Tight belting arrangement on both axis ensures high quality and reliable precision
  • Print quality and reliability equivalent to Ultimaker standards
  • Low maintenence – click and print operation
  • Print from SD or through USB
  • Quality linear bearings and hardened precision ground rods on all axis

Download the STL files here (link will be working soon)

Download the assembly instructions here (link will be working soon)

Download the firmware here (Marlin) (link will be working soon)