MF220 Specification

Main Feature Specification

  • Rigid extrusion based frame
  • 220x220x200mm build volume (upgradeable to 245x250mm) with replacement glass
  • Hexagon Hotend with Flex3Drive as standard (0.4mm nozzle)
  • 0.9 degree steppers on X and Y axis for superior print quality
  • 50 micron layer resolution (or lower if you have the time)
  • 10×2 Trapezoidal Z axis lead screws
  • Floating X/Z interface to eliminate banding
  • PrintBite print surface as standard
  • High quality Arduino and RAMPs controller (RRD)
  • Print all materials including high temperature exotics (upto 300c)
  • Very simple bed levelling process (stays flat and levelled due to rigidity of machine)
  • Tight belting arrangement on both axis ensures high quality and reliable precision
  • Print quality and reliability equivalent to Ultimaker standards at Ultimaker speeds
  • Low maintenence – click and print operation
  • Print from SD or through USB
  • Quality linear bearings and hardened precision ground rods on all axis


Current Upgrades being Developed

  • Fine pitched leadscrew drive for X and Y Axis for Beltless operation
  • Dual 2into1 Flex3Drive for dual colour or dual material printing
  • Wideboy version to provide a 300x300mm build platform area



Perspective mendelflex-3d-printer
mendelflex 3d printer mendelflex-3d-printer

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