Flex3Drive Installation

Welcome to the setup page where you will find everything you need to get your Flex3drive installed and running correctly.

There are two main elements to installing and setting up a Flex3Drive. This page deal with the mechanical aspects of your installation. The Software Setup page deals with the software and any aspects relating to the electronic hardware on your machine. You will also be able to find downloadable hex files for some of the machines we cater for.

All Flex3Drives have some common elements about how they are assembled and installed onto a machine. These are presented below and on the previously mentioned software setup page. Where model specific instructions are required, such information will be found on the relevant model page shown in the side bar menu on the left side of this page.

This website is still under construction and the information for this page is currently being prepared

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General Extruder Assembly and check points


Mechanical installation


Motor Location


Motor Mount Assembly