Flex3Drive for Kossel Mini – original tie rod effector

Here we present one of our much smaller designs aimed at the Kossel Mini Delta printer. This version of the Flex3Drive comes in at just over 30 grammes + the end effector. total weight a snippet under 50 grammes. The G4 (4th Gen’) Micro is a departure from the G3 family of extruders as we now have what we describe as front wheel drive. In other words the worm gear is placed in front of the wheel gear instead of behind. This makes little to no difference in performance but allows the unit to become far more compact.

The Flex3Drive G4 Micro for Kossel mini has all the same features as the 3rd generation designs but in a much smaller form factor. It comes with its own end effector, integrated hotend mounting and fan shroud. Its not just an extruder. We also have another version of this design here that offers steel ball or magnetic cup joints for those using a small delta with magnetic connection points.

  • Product Status – Now Available!
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Features include:

  • Available in 3mm or 1.75mm versions
  • Quck release rigid two bar tensioning system – no screws or springs
  • Integrated hotend mounting
  • Comes with hotend cooling fan and fan shroud
  • No changes to delta geometry
  • Extremely light
  • Full filament guidance into extruder through PTFE tube
  • Prints with flexible filaments
  • Compatible with all electronics and any 1.8 degree nema17 motor
  • Includes mounting points for print cooling fans
  • Available with mounting point for the Mini IR Sensor board by the excellent Dave Crocker

Whats in the Box?

  • Everything you need
  • Complete and assembled Flex3Drive for Kossel Mini extruder
  • Printed parts in Black ABS as standard – other colours available upon request (specify with order)
  • Flexible Driveshaft with driveshaft connector
  • Motor mount assembly
  • Motor Cap
  • PTFE Tubing for driveshaft and filament guide (2mtrs)
  • Tubing Clips
  • Hotend Shroud (to chosen hotend spec)
  • 25mm hotend fan
  • Screw based tesnion arm with bearing
  • Fastener Kit