Flex3Drive Cyclops/Chimera Pre-Order


Welcome to the Flex3Drive for Cyclops pre-release program in collaboration with E3D. This extruder is designed to deliver dual extrusion with precise control in a lightweight compact form factor for the renowned Cyclops dual filament 2 into 1 hotend from E3D, to your printer.

The program will require a minimum of 10 participants, up to a maximum of 20 to keep it manageable and deliverable within the given time frame. Places are limited on a first come first served basis.

The cost of the Flex3Drive for Cyclops under this program will be set at £135 + shipping. The lead time will be 4 weeks from the moment the 10th participant payment arrives. Shipping will be via DHL Express to any non UK destination (and recorded delivery for UK participants). The cost does not include the Cyclops hotend which must be bought seperately from E3D however all participants will receive a 10% off discount code for the Cylops hotend from E3D.

If all 20 places are filled, we can apply an additional 10% discount to the cost of the extruder to all participants.

All the usual Flex3Drive features are onboard including Quick Release tension arms, fully constrained filament paths for printing flexibles, optional adjustable tension arms included, threaded inserts where pratical, 40:1 gearing for precise filament control and more.

Participants will receive a complete fully assembled Extruder assembly and ALL anciliary parts. Everything you need. Screws, clips fittings, motor mounts wiring etc including total support. Everything except the Cyclops hotend. All mechanical driveline components will have our standard lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.


The design work has been completed, and is based on the already proven 3rd generation Flex3Drive, with even more refinements included.

During the program those involved will be asked to provide information regarding the mounting arrangements on their respective target machine. If required, adjustments will be made to the base section of the assembly to cater for these mounting requirements. Any printer can be catered for except Kossel Mini.

All participants will receive full and direct support with, BoM, STL files, installation and deployment.

If you are interested, have any questions, or just flat out want to reserve your place, please fill in the contact form below.