General Info

Setting up the firmware is very easy. Guidance and specific values (highlighted in green) for the different firmwares on the market are provided in the pages linked at the bottom of this page. Please do read the following information before commencing.

In summary the list of settings that get changed in firmware for control of the extruder axis are as follows:

  • E Axis jerk / junction deviation
  • E axis acceleration
  • E Axis motor direction
  • E axis motor current
  • E axis max speed
Pressure Advance / Acceleration Curves

Some firmwares have a Linear Advance or Pressure Advance feature, When setting up the Flex3Drive these should be disabled.

Please also disable the S-curve acceleration if using Duet hardware and firmware.

The settings that are provided below should be considered as a “safe working baseline” setup. Once successful test prints have been completed these can be reactivated if needed however, should issues occur, you can revert to the safe working baseline settings for troubleshooting.


When setting up the firmware you may have to adjust your steps per mm based on which microstepping rate you use.

The default setting for Esteps and micro-stepping is as follows

  • Set microstepping to x8
  • Set Esteps to 1900 steps per mm for x8 microstepping

However some boards dont allow x8 to be used, in which event x16 or x4 should be used.

If using a TMC style driver, the 21xx series does not have a x8 microstepping setting, so instead x4 is used. In this case microstepping would be 1900/2 == 950 steps per mm.