The Flex3Drive project, with its roots going as far back as 2012, has hit its main objective: To develop a low-cost open-source hi-performance micro-extruder platform that removes the showstopper barriers to practical multi-filament solutions. The commitment was to go full open source upon completion of the design that would facilitate the objective.

The new Flex3Drive G5 extruder platform is the result. It follows G3/G4 iterations along a design path that considered all possible features a 3d printer extruder could or should have with regard to performance and overall function.

Key to the main objective was a tension arm that was self-locking with no fiddling for clips springs screws or anything to maintain tension on the filament, except the filament.

Using a clever little geometrical layout the Quick-Lock Tensioner locks itself in place against the filament. Open or close the tensioner like the flick of a switch. Closing the tensioner delivers a positive engagement as it locks over against the filament. Full filament access when open.

From a quick and easy single filament setup, through to a more adventurous multi filament solution, using our heavy duty flex shafts. and/or the smallest of the nema8 motors, coupled a modifiable tension arm and caps that can support integrated filament sensors,  everything is possible with the G5.