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We want to help you Make Better. At Mutley3D we try to find practical solutions to some of the problems we see in 3D Printing and share them with you. We work to deliver innovative and effective solutions to help improve your results. We don't offer it if we don't use it ourselves.


A growing range of Single and Dual Drive Flex Shaft Extruders. Unleash the performance in your 3d printer.




Dual Drives



These 3D Printers are designed for performance and precision from the start

MendelFlex - DeltaFlex - UltiFlex

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Solid Frame Construction

The MendelFlex is a solid A-Frame cartesian printer with good print quality and reliability that comes with a Flex3Drive extruder and PrintBite surface as standard. Dual filament option is also available.


Great Print Quality

Our Delta machine is a high performer with no belts and other innovative features you wont find anywhere else to enhance precision and print quality. Comes with Flex3Drive and dual filament option available.


High Specficiation

The UltiFlex is our XY gantry machine available in larger or even larger build volume. This machine will allow prints upto 700mm tall, comes with dual drive as standard on a 300x300mm surface area.


PrintBite is our really useful Print Surface solution

PrintBite is a Tough Durable and Effective print surface solution. It allows you to print a variety of materials without having to use a substrate, or glue stick when printing with PLA, Nylons, Flexibles, ABS, PET and other materials. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and comes with a strong hi temp adhesive backing applied. Just peel and stick.

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