Following along the lines of our 4th Generation Micro Extruder designs for the Kossel Mini and Kossel XL here is our Flex3Drive for Turnigy Fabrikator. Coming in at under 31 grammes, this extruder is as small as they get, for one of the most compact 3D printers on the market. Suitable for 3mm or 1.75mm filament.

This little beauty fits onto the small ledge bracket that holds the hotend in place, and allows you to remove the direct drive extruder components, its spring loaded tensioner, and the E axis motor motor off the carriage, reducing your moving mass by around 450grammes (thats almost half a kilogram!). Aloow your Fabrikator to print faster, smoother and improve the print quality. Print at layer heights you couldnt achieve before, thick and thin.

The fundamental difference compared to the Kossel Mini version (aside from the end effector) is the use of a vertcially aligned tensioner. Whilst this tensioner is another version of our rigid two bar tensioner design, it incorporates a combined adjusting screw so no only does it give the quick release and easy access for filament loading and unloading, the degree of tension it applies can also be adjusted.

  • Product Status – Now Available!
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Features include:

  • Easy installation onto existing carriage
  • Suitable for all common hotends (E3D/JHead/Hexagon etc)
  • 40:1 drive ratio provides complete control over filament extrusion at any layer height
  • Smoothly print layers heights as low as 50 microns (or lower if you have the time)
  • Adjustable two bar rigid linkage tensioner design with integrated adjustment
  • Reduce the mass of the moving carriage on such a small machine
  • Dual PTFE tubing arrangment feeds filament to the printhead alongside the driveshaft tubing
  • Comes with full motor mount assembly and spacer to avoid motor noise resonating though printer panels
  • Retains all original hotend components and lower alumium plate
  • Supplied with precompiled .hex file and the modified source code
  • Weighing in at 31 grammes this is the smallest lightest extruder available anywhere
  • Driveline and flexible shaft comes with full warranty

Whats in the Box?

  • Complete and assembled Flex3Drive for HobbyKing Fabrikator
  • Includes rigid quick release two-bar tensioner with integrated tension adjustment
  • Printed parts in Black ABS as standard – other colours available upon request (specify with order)
  • Supplied with new integrated hotend bracket
  • Hotend Cooling shroud and 25mm cooling fan supplied
  • Flexible Driveshaft with driveshaft connector
  • Motor mount assembly
  • Motor Cap
  • PTFE Tubing for driveshaft and filament guide (2mtrs)
  • Tubing Clips
  • Fastener Kit