Continuing along the theme of supporting one of the best 3D Printer manufacturers on the market, we present Flex3Drive for the awesome Ultimaker 2 range of printers, making them even better. The UM2 machines represent yet another leap beyond what they did with the Ultimaker Original design. Flex3Drive for UM2/UM2+/UM2e can extend the performance of your machine to produce even the most complex retract-intensive prints, and print at layer heights lower than you have done before.

Supplied with a precompiled updated firmware, an improved Teflon coupler that withstands higher temps (270c), and firmware code available on the Ultimaker Github repository along with our own updated version (see link below). Installation is straight forward and fully reversible to maintain your warranty. This design was produced alongside the engineering department at Ultimaker, making it yet another approved upgrade for their machines. Furthermore the Flex3Drive is fully compatible with the Olsson block upgrade.

Compatible with all printers in the Ultimaker 2 range including UM2 UM2+ UM2e and UM2go

  • Product Status – Now Available!
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Features include:

  • Fully contained within the footprint of the original printhead.
  • Easy installation – no irreversible changes to preserve warranty
  • Quick release tensioner action – no need to remove the tension arm to change filament, easy as click-click
  • 40:1 drive ratio gives precise filament control at any layer heights
  • Near instantaneous retraction performance with 1 – 1.5mm retract length
  • Supplied with screw based tension arm for those filaments that require sensitve tension adjestment (ie flexibles)
  • Compatible with Olsson block
  • Prints with all filaments from super soft flexibles to super hard nylons and carbons
  • Fully contained filament force path – nowhere for the filament to go except down
  • Print new parts as and when any updates are released
  • Comes with full instructions and open firmware code
  • Compatible with all electronics and any 1.8 degree nema17 motor

Whats in the Box?

  • Complete and assembled UM2 Flex3Drive (does not include lower aluminium assembly or fans)
  • Printed parts in Black ABS as standard – other colours available upon request (specify with order)
  • New improved Graphite infused Teflon coupler
  • Flexible Driveshaft with driveshaft connector
  • Motor mount assembly
  • Motor Cap
  • PTFE Tubing for driveshaft and filament guide (2mtrs)
  • Tubing Clips
  • Screw based tension arm with bearing
  • Fastener Kit

(Note: you will need to replace the original 0.9 degree step angle stepper motor with a 1.8 degree step angle motor. We recommend using one of the following motors SY42STH38-1684A or the or the 17HS15-1684S)