OK so this is a serious piece of extruder kit. Fully integrated dual direct drive targeted at the Cyclops / Chimera hotend. Run a dual nozzle setup or as a 2into1 mixer. Dual nozzle will give you the ability to print with two different materials, NinjaFlex and ABS for example. Alternatively run as a 2into1 for dual colour prints with short retractions and no ooze to dribble and spoil your prints. No need for priming towers. Potentially you can even blend two colours if you are upto speed with slicer configurations and setup.

Flex3Drive for Cyclops / Chimera opens up possibilities like no other extruder on the market today.

The Chimera/Cyclops bolts straight upto the underside of the base, which also has provision for fastening onto a modified carriage or other adaptor plate.

Includes the rigid two bar tensioner system with quick release operation and comes with additional screw based tensioner arms.

A pre-release program is currently underway for a limited number of participants and includes a 10% discount code from the awesome folk down at E3D-online. You can read more about the Cyclops pre-release program here.

  • Product Status – pre-release!

Features include:

  • Integrated light weight dual direct drive
  • Dual nozzle or 2into1 combined extruder performance
  • Quick release tensioner action – no need to remove the tension arm to change filament, easy as click-click
  • Designed for 1.75 filament when used as a 2into1 – 1.75 or 3mm for dual nozzle printing
  • Prints with all filaments from super soft flexibles to super hard nylons and carbons
  • Dual 40:1 gear ratio means highest resolution filament control of any extruder currently available
  • Fully contained filament force path – nowhere for the filament to go except down
  • Integrated hotend mounting holds the hotend securely
  • Robust contruction – you wont break this monster.
  • Just print new parts as and when any improvements or updates are released
  • Smoothly print fine (50 micron or less) layer heights
  • Torquey enough for high volumetric flow rates
  • Available with any length driveshaft from 6o0mm upwards.
  • Compatible with all electronics and any 1.8 degree nema17 motor

Whats in the Box?

  • Complete and assembled dual drive extruder assembly
  • 2 x Flexible Driveshafts with driveshaft connectors and PTFE tubing
  • Motor mount assemblies
  • Motor Caps
  • PTFE Tubing for filament guides from spool to extruder
  • Tubing Clips
  • Screw based tesnion arms with bearing
  • Fastener and mounting Kit

Note: Whilst the pre-release program is underway some of the “in the box” elements may change whilst specifications are finalised with participants running on different machines.