Step 2 – Assemble layshaft

Parts required:
  • Machined layshaft x 1
  • Wheel gear x 1
  • Brass hobb wheel x 1
  • M3x5 set screw x 1
  • MR95 bearings x 2
  • Cyancrolite adhesive


2.1   Partially insert layshaft into wheel gear as shown.


2.2   Sparingly apply a little cyanoacrylate adhesive onto and around the shaft and onto the machined flat where the gear will be in its final position.

NOTE: Apply the cyanoacrylate only where the wheel gear will be positioned on the shaft as shown by the red marker in the image.

2.3   Immediately after applying the cyanoacrylate push the gear fully home as shown below

Layshaft with wheel gear


2.4  Fit the brass hobb onto the filament gear. Use the hex key to secure the hobb onto the shaft. Ensure the set screw is nicely tightened.


2.5   Fit the two MR95 bearings to complete the layshaft assembly.

Assembled Layshaft with bearings


The layshaft is now complete and ready to be assembled into the G5 Flex or G5 Nema8 plastic parts.